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Maximizing Research & Time at the Library

The strategy recommended in the above link is a 5-step process. It parallels, in concept, the strategy used by professional researchers whose expertise focuses around a specific area of knowledge, whether it is in history or science.


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Bygones Review

Read what I think about this software for organizing your research.

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Organizing Photos

Owning more than 4,000 photos, I wanted to digitize and organize them on my pc. At the same time I needed to think about the future of those prints. Who would get them after I am gone? How can I encourage my beneficiaries to see the value of keeping them? This article discusses how I met that challenge.

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Software Review: Personal Historian® 

Looking for something to help you organize your writing project? Read what I think about this software.

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Some of us favor digitizing all or most of our source documents. But the subject came up: how can you get a complete image of oversized documents, such as maps, plats, etc? I managed to solve that problem with Adobe Elements® (OEM version) which came installed on my computer (did I mention I love cheap or “included” software?) If you use different photo-editing software, take a look at how it may work similarly to the following solution.

To create an image of an oversized document, I place as much of it as I can on my scanner, starting with a corner. I scan that portion of the document to a JPG format then I move the document around, making sure that there is some overlap between scans. Each scan creates a JPG “puzzle piece.”

Once I have created all the puzzle pieces, I bring them into Elements® and use the “photomerge” feature to combine them into a single image. Elements® examines the edges of each smaller image to fit it together, just like a puzzle. The feature works remarkably well. Only occasionally do I have to manually manipulate the combining of images to get the unified image that I want. Once I have a single image, I convert the unified JPG to a PDF file or leave it as a JPG. I personally prefer the PDF as it is a consistent format with all my other documents. But if the image is, indeed, a photo, I leave it as a JPG.

Your photo-editing software may not use the term, “photomerge.” It may go by another term, such as “landscape” or “panorama.”

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Organizing Documents with Software You Already Have can offer ideas on how to organize your genealogical documents on your pc.

(If you previously attempted to open the file and you use an older version of MS Word (I use 2007), there were some glitches. So, I uploaded the file in pdf format which should resolve the problem. However, you will need Adobe Reader. Most people have this already installed on their pcs. If you don’t, there is a link to on the right of this page, under “Blogroll.”)

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