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After thoroughly writing and editing an article or book–aside from publishing it somewhere–it is a good idea to submit it for a writing award. With most competitions, you can expect feedback on your work even if you don’t win an award.

In this posting, I will note different places where you can submit “ready for the public” items. If you know of any other places where genealogical writing may be submitted for an award, please let me know so that I can add it to this post. Check back from time to time as this particular posting will be updated as I get new information.

Don’t be shy. There are categories for even novice writers.

 Dallas Genealogical Society – neither criteria nor categories is posted on the website. Contact DGS President for details. At this point, I assume that it is open only to current members.

Genealogical Forum of Oregon – Open to all family history writers. Members can enter for free; non-members must pay a $10 entry fee. Each year they select a topic. The 2008 topic is “Saga of a Soldier,” which must be a story centered upon a military experience. Details on website.

International Society of Family History Writers and Editors – open to current members. Details on website.

National Genealogical Society – the website does not say that it is limited to member submissions. You may want to verify if you are not a member.

Oklahoma Genealogical Society – appears to be open to all writers, except members of the Society’s board. See website for details.

South Carolina Genealogical Society – no information available from their website, but criteria includes membership in a SCGS chapter (I belong to Old Pendleton District Chapter) OR an article published in one of the chapters’ newsletters. I don’t think that the chapter newsletters limit their articles to members only. So this may be a loop-hole, so you may want to contact the society before submitting if you are not a member. Notice of the next competition is published annually in the Winter issue.

Southern California Genealogical Society – this competition is national in scope. You do not have to be a member of the society to submit items.

Southwest Louisiana Genealogical & Historical Library – Contest appears to be open to all. The contest closes at the end of December each year. Each year focuses upon a different theme, which is announced in the website’s e-newsletter. In 2006, it was “Rembrances of Rita or Katrina.” In 2007, the theme is “Your Ethnic Ancestor.” See website for details.

Texas State Genealogical Society – open to current members and members of partnering societies (DGS is a partnering society).  I was originally informed that associate members were eligible. I have since been informed otherwise. Details on website.


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Bygones Review

Read what I think about this software for organizing your research.

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